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The Most Effective Advertising Method of the Year

The Main Global Issue Is Sales Not Production!

Nowadays, the problem of the world is not production; but the main problem is sales. The need to change in order to get along with the new strategies in the field of marketing and advertising to develop the business is felt every day more than before. The need of today’s economy to marketing is so important that it is said: “Production of the commodity is not the main issue, but first and foremost, its sales is a priority”.
Do you imagine that telling the wordings such as “we are the best in this business” can convince your customers that you are really the best? Don’t forget all your rivals also have such a claim; so, it does not appear that your customers are simply convinced that your goods or services are the best for them. Therefore, a simple advertisement cannot attract customers anymore. Then, what’s the best marketing method to attract more customers?


The Best Marketing Method

The rapid development of advertising and communication media has largely decreased advertising costs and so more people use its services. As a result, its effectiveness has been reduced to its lowest level. Finally, we see that many promotional emails, billboards, etc. don’t catch people attention.
The main question is that how we can use the existing media to provide an effective ad?
Taking into consideration that our business is looking for a good momentary sale or a longer horizon, one can present proper use of content in the marketing arena as the ultimate solution.
Content-based marketing is a marketing technique in which the organization attempts to communicate with its audience more powerfully and stably using creation of value.
How one can communicate a large amount of information to the audience in the existent timeframe is the main challenge in content marketing. Content can meet your expectations. In other words, it can simply communicate your desired concepts, it has an attractive and effective style, and it is so flexible that we can present it in various media.
Hence, we can say “content is King”.



Which content template is more suitable?

Content marketing includes a variety of contents such as audio (podcast), text (article) and image (infographics) but visual contents are paid more attention because they benefit more powerful communication with audiences.
Pay attention to the following facts:
1. Ninety percent of the information that reaches the brain is visual.
2. Images are analyzed 60000 times faster than text.
3. People memorize visual information more easily “via their unconscious mind”.
Such facts as above ones have changed marketing and advertising; but there are many threats and opportunities in all changes.



Let’s imagine that images move!

It would be awesome if you are able to transfer the content by means of animated images. Videos have gained a major part of marketing in 2015 so that this year is called “video marketing year”. Forecasts show that by the year 2017 watching online video will be accounted for 69 percent of internet traffic! By now, YouTube has over a billion unique visitors monthly. Use of video content improve your chance of being seen/found in a Google search up to 53%. Note that one minute of video on average has approximately 1.8 million words; thus, the high charm of videos compared to other forms of content is clear to everyone. On the other hand, various studies show that more than half of companies currently use video media and finally, we can explicitly say that “video is future of content marketing”.



Motion Graphics: a simple and flexible media

Among the different styles of video that are used for content transfer, motion graphics has recently found a special place among the tastes. It is a simple and attractive style which transfer the content easily. Because of color schemes that are used in this style of video, motion graphics provide a high visual attractiveness as well as low size. Thereupon, this style benefit high flexibility in different media. These features allow us to share the content most of the time and with more speed. The preparation time of a motion graphics is relatively less than other video styles (of course, the high quality ones), and also the cost of producing a motion graphics is much less than other types of video.
All these features cause more and more businesses select motion graphics as their main tool for content marketing. Without a doubt, the future of video marketing is in the hands of motion graphics.



sobhan vali khaniThe Most Effective Advertising Method of the Year
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