When we decided to write Tedx Scenario we started to study about Tedx to see what is it at all, what benefit does it has for people and who can be the audience of it?
the answer was this : Tedx is a conference that could be valuable for all people; cause it can create mindset, bring up ideas about business in the people mind and even make the life more clear for its audience and …
in other words, anything great can come out of this conference, “of course” it depends on the people who are in this conference.
So, Scenario written in the way that almost all people of society can be able to understand the importance of the Tedx.


Ted illustration has a new look, we tried to make it different from the other past project in the way of analysis and choosing the colors, So at the beginning we realized that in some of parts of the motion we need to make models and dynamic movement for more maneuverable objects.but about the hidden meaning of the project; If you have noticed about the small drops that dividing to the smaller drops you will be realize that we tried to make the main theme on creation of ideas from smaller ideas and give it special beauty at the same time.

The animation of this project was very hard, because of the lots of details, and it took’s a lot of time, also the relation between 2d objects and 3d objects are so clear.
and about the time we have to say it took’s us 1 month and the application for illustration are PhotoShop, Illustrator, and for the animation are AfterEffects and Cinema 4D


Music and Narration

We tried to induce the sense of a journey to the viewer in making music progress and also with using effects in music elements tried to show objects movement better. and at the end text and narrations that are complementary excitement in Motion.


Persian version of narration

English version narration

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