Fax.ir Project

The Internet Fax Project

One of the FlatMode group different projects until now is, making animation of “Internet fax”

the scenario and the story was very simple : The system also provides the ability to receive and send faxes using the Internet, does not have old Fax bugs and provides easy access for the users.

As always, the first thing you we should’ve done, was walk out and get content coming on “state issue” and “solve the problem”.

We were selected a Tonality of bright colors to work, that the selection was done according to the slogan “fax.ir , Above The Clouds”.

We tried to provide interesting pictures by use characters in the illustration as well as and the creativity of our art experts. However the changes were made about Decoupage at the end of the story – for example changing the colors of some plans – Help to improve the association of the images.

Modeling dynamic movements

in the “fax.ir” project images of fax machines, mobile phones and sheets of paper, were modeled in particular way. texture at this stage of work is very important than 3D designed models, for proportionate show in 2D motion graphic.

Since we’ve seen Poor examples of this process in other works, we tried to prevent this happening for our project.

Although you see the pouring paper sheet or falling mobile phone, but since there are complicated relation for these kind of movements, it takes a lots of time and Skill.

For example , for having the pouring paper sheets on the ground scene, we dropped paper sheets for more than 100 time on the ground from the different views to achieve the desired Movement.

Total time for implement this project was 1 month and animating time was 17 days.

the applications for illustration were Photoshop and illustrator and for the animating After Effect and Cinema 4D were been used.



This animation music follows the gizmo music instruments, However tried to music be consonant with the story by using some creativity. while all the instruments are virtual or so-called VTS, the Live Music could be feel in the animation, plus this, that the exists sound effects were a great help in understanding the movement of elements in the story.


  • Flatmotion
  • 40 Story Board
  • 87 Frame
  • 1 min and 10 sec
  • Music & Sound

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