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Dibo Card Project

Dibo card: Info graphic for the new generation of business cards

After writing the story and scenario , We did an interesting work for this project : The central character design , So the content of this work was presented in this way that character in the whole of story is doing something that with adding narrator voice the contact will understands what is happening in video and the message will be transfer.

This topic was the main structure of implementing this project for us , and it’s the time to do this based on this structure.




Illustration with warm Tonality

Illustration started with choosing the color, for the Dibo Card Motion Graphic we chose warm tonality, because of the action that happening in the story needs to be more real.



Animating, The most time consuming part of the job

In the process of animating , we do our utmost to present the more vivid images to the audience whit moving the images and adding some detail. In parallel with this we take care of keep the story rhythm as the same.

For example in this case Business card and the Cell Phone 3D modeling for making the more movements, the applications for illustration were Photoshop and ???? and for the animating After Effect and Cinema 4D were been used.

And the duration of implementing of this project was 25 days.



Comedy style for music

For this animation music, we considered a comedian style and in introducing Dibo Card We tried to induce the sense of hope by enlivening and changing the music rhythm.

And also we have great accuracy in sound effects to show the elements movement better.


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