When we decided to write Tedx Scenario we started to study about Tedx to see what is it at all, what benefit does it has for people and who can be the audience of it?
the answer was this : Tedx is a conference that could be valuable for all people; cause it can create mindset, bring up ideas about business in the people mind and even make the life more clear for its audience and …
in other words, anything great can come out of this conference, “of course” it depends on the people who are in this conference.
So, Scenario written in the way that almost all people of society can be able to understand the importance of the Tedx.

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sobhan vali khaniTed’X


Leepak, the application that allows you to share your tourism experiences with other.

Leepak motion was fully gone into animation; this means that we tried to make main actions happening in the plans and the plans movement be simple.the scenario is written so that the audience easily with his imaginary twin character.

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sobhan vali khaniLeepak


The Internet Fax Project

One of the FlatMode group different projects until now is, making animation of “Internet fax”

the scenario and the story was very simple : The system also provides the ability to receive and send faxes using the Internet, does not have old Fax bugs and provides easy access for the users.

As always, the first thing you we should’ve done, was walk out and get content coming on “state issue” and “solve the problem”.

We¬†were selected a Tonality of bright colors to work that the selection was done according to the slogan “fax.ir , Above The Clouds”.

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Dibo Card Project

Dibo card: Info graphic for the new generation of business cards

After writing the story and scenario , We did an interesting work for this project : The central character design , So the content of this work was presented in this way that character in the whole of story is doing something that with adding narrator voice the contact will understands what is happening in video and the message will be transfer.

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